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Why have Professional Pastoral Supervision?

There are many reasons. A very important one is to help people work through and develop resiliency as they experience vicarious trauma.

Vicarious trauma is a normal response to ongoing exposure to other people’s trauma. People in ministry hear the stories of broken lives - abuse, trauma, why people ended up in prison. They face pastoral situations with disgruntled parishioners, visits with families and patients in places like Emergency and ICU when their lives have been turned upside down, ongoing conflict, funerals, relationship breakdowns of many types and so much more.

Vicarious trauma builds up over time. It can deplete your energy, keep you awake at night, numb your heart, fragment your thoughts, and erode your soul. It can tempt you to get away from people, to “check out” of your life with Netflix, scrolling Instagram stories, over-eating, drinking alcohol to excess, or worse.

At SLOWER DEEPER WISER, I provide a safe space allowing you to debrief, decompress and reflect together on your own responses to vicarious trauma. With the goal of working together with the Spirit to bring healing, make meaning, and build positive resiliency strategies for the future.

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